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I was born in 1988, in Budapest. I finished my Visual Graphics specialization studies at the University of Fine Arts of Hungary in 2014 and I received an MA degree at the Faculty of Education. My paintings generally elaborate on current feelings, thoughts, opinions, and experiences, the backbone of which is the content and messages suggested to the audience. I do not use a permanent motive; I like variety, and I like to renew myself. The paintings are based on different themes; therefore, I am always looking for new ways of expression. Change is heavily emphasised in my work, since it not only shapes visual forms of expression, but it also raises questions about self-knowledge. As a graphic designer, I was in love with lithography during my years at the university, I search for the boundaries and connections between graphic and drawing, and I am currently discovering experimental techniques such as monotypes and fish prints; however, I still believe the technique of drawing to be essential. The conceptual approach is indispensable to me, just as clarity, cleanliness, sophistication, research, the intents of communication, and asking questions today in contemporary art. For me, graphics does not only mean prints in the traditional sense, but a much more universal genre, in which the differences, the possibility of variations, ensures the immortality and legitimacy of this fantastic branch of art in 2015. The diverse variety of options is what constantly encourages me to continue working.

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